Developing Artificial Intelligence-based Precision Therapeutics for Patients with Autoimmune and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Athos Therapeutics Inc. is a late pre-clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of artificial intelligence-based Precision Therapeutics for patients with Inflammatory Bowel and other Autoimmune Diseases.

Identification of DrugTargets

Athos Therapeutics Innovative Drug Discovery & Development Platform

Athos has developed a unique platform able to identify and develop novel drugs for patients with autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases. This approach is based on the integration of medicinal chemistry and systems biology through machine learning.

First, the identification of novel key factors related to the disease pathobiology based on integration of human clinical and molecular datasets from patients with autoimmune diseases. Second, the identification of small molecules is based on our computational medicinal chemistry platform. Taken together these two approaches, through a machine learning algorithm approach, identify the best compounds that safely and efficiently target these key disease factors.

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