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Athos Student Internship Program

The internship program was designed to expose students to Athos’s unique, innovative, and diverse interdisciplinary approach to science and drug development, and to create a bridge for students between academia and the professional world. We provide invaluable and practical experiences such as how to pipette and use scientific equipment, how to create different concentrations of solutions, how to use scientific notation methods, how to read and evaluate research papers, how to write a proper cv, and how to start thinking about exploring potential career paths.

Our internship program creates a space where bright curious minds are allowed to experience science outside the classroom, ask endless questions, and absorb the wisdom our team brings from each of our scientist’s unique backgrounds.
As a Los Angeles native, it brings me joy and pride to build Athos’ internship program in order to provide opportunities to future generations of scientists. Mentoring the interns through their daily activities fueled my passion for investing in others just as my mentors invested in me throughout my career.

– Jonathan Abdala

I enjoyed the team’s culture and community and how I was able to experience activities that I couldn’t do in a classroom.  I was also able to see how drug administration worked in animal experimentation, learn basic concepts about cancer, gene mutations, organic chemistry, and computer code. I also loved the fact that it was really one on one kind of learning, not like a classroom. I was able to ask limitless questions. Plus, I learned how to create my own CV for future jobs and interviews.

– Elena

I really enjoyed the fact that we were able to participate in various experiments and witness Athos’ Platform on the frontlines.


I valued my time here at Athos as it has allowed me to grow so much. I’ve been given the chance to apply my academics into the real world and witness firsthand how everything I learned in college is used to advance medical research. I’m also very grateful to all the team members here who have shown a willingness to teach me. As someone also pursuing a similar career path, I cherish the stories I’ve heard from them as it inspires me to persevere when it gets tough to carry on.

– Eileen

I enjoyed the amount of advice, mentorship, feedback, and experience that was given to me during my time at Athos. The team deeply cared for my growth and intentionally gave me their time to teach me the reason behind their research. The chance to see the chemistry firsthand in a professional lab both surprised and motivated me to connect what a course teaches to what I was able to witness with my own eyes.

– Andrew